Tupolev Tu-154 by Project Tupolev

manufacture: Tupolev
model: Tu-154
class: airliner
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004
Developer: Project Tupolev
Release date: January 2006
License: Freeware
Project home site: http://www.fs-proteam.com
Project support:
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FS ProTeam  is proud to announce the release of the long awaited  Project Tupolev Tu-154M v2.03!

Explore the outstanding visual model details of this fast and reliable Airliner, accurate 2D panels in normal, widescreen and 3-Monitor version, and a system depth down to a completely new flight engineer panel you haven’t seen before in FS. The flight dynamics, you should feel them yourself, we simply can’t describe it. Same for the breathtaking Soloviev engine soundset, you should hear it yourself !! 

On a long cruise, take place in the cosy Virtual Cockpit with smoothly animated gauges, true 3D gauges like ADI, stand-be ADI and HSI, and many other animations. And you are not alone, an extensive Crew voice set will assist you throughout the flight including spoken checklists, even a ground technician accompanying APU and engine start. Prepare your flight with Loadeditor and Navigation Calculator. A 260 page english manual will guide you through everything, incl. an illustrated Quickstart section, example flights and all details. And if questions remain, a six language support forum is on standby.

New bitmaps, new systems, new simuation!

Have a fun flying the most remarkable project in flight simulator history!

Features list
Original Tu-154m sounds
Higlhy resolutioned VC
flight dynamics is unbelievable accurate and very precise to a real one 
Great artwork and design of panel sets
Most of switches now have sounds
Fully simulated GPS KLN-90B is installed as well as NVU system
GROZA radar is installed
TCAS and VBE altimeter are installed
Highly detailed exterior model with numerous animations, unique smootheness of doors, flaps, slats and hyper realystic Flexible wing 
Highly detailed Virtual Cabin based on PT smooth gauge technology - now you can easily pilot your aircraft from VC, not getting crasy of gauges slideshow
Highly simulated Air Condition and Pressurisation System, as well as Hydraulic and Electrical Systems
Unique sounds of crewwork, including reading the Checklists and even Flight attendant's voices.
A lot of documentation, including flight tutorials and 260-page English manual
It is fully free for you! But not freeware - please, read carefully the License Agreement during install.


ProTeam projects are used for training real crews, so you should know that these ones are not easy.

But they are making it real.

Have a nice flights!

Fly with PT!

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