Eurofighter GmbH Eurofighter Typhoon by AFS Design

manufacture: Eurofighter GmbH
model: Eurofighter Typhoon
class: military
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 & MSFS X
Developer: AFS Design
Release date: January 2008
License: Payware
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New Features:

For FSX and FS2004 included new missions, Single pilot model with external suspension IRIS-T, Meteor, AGM 64/84, Pavew.3 and TAURUS, Two model at trainerversion and 3 external 1000 Wing Tanks.

Formations - flight - model with 3 EUROFIGHTERs, NEW: MAN lorry with pulling EUROFIGHTER, Accurate Flight Dynamik simulation the both 35000 PS EJ200 Engines of the Eurojet Konsortiums

Include 2 sound packet, Complete EUROFIGHTER cockpit, NEW: 35 different flight models

Tail hook, detailed landing gear, canoby, radome, flight-refuelling, Light: formationslight, strobe, beacon, winglights, navigation- & landinglights, NEW effects: afterburner, smoke - and lighteffects, cockpitlight, reflect surface, rear-view mirror

Detailed and easy to fly flight model with auto-trim and real animations feature of flaps and canard wings for aerodynamically unstable

Include Repaints:

Royal Airforce
• RAF United Kingdom 3.Sqn
• RAF United Kingdom 11.Sqn
• RAF United Kingdom 17.Sqn
• RAF United Kingdom 29.Sqn

Germany Bundeswehr
• Fighterwing 73 "Steinhoff"
• Fighterwing 74
• Jabog 31 "Boelcke" and
• Fighterwing 73 "Steinhoff" special paint -
• 50 years JG 73 "Steinhoff" and 5 years EUROFIGHTER

Italien Airforce - 4° Stormo Grosetto
Spanische Airforce - Ala 11
Austrian in Zeltweg
Saudi Arabien
and several prototypes


3 MFDs with 30 different pages! State display with connect pages, New switch: tail hook, FUEL drobe switch, gear lever, light-, and engine controll switches!
Under console now complete usable! Animations control joystick, thrust and rudder pedals

HUD Display with different report representation, adjusted for flight situation: Leader, compass, HSI, FLIR system, mach, ground speed, TAS, wind direction, windspeed, climb performance, alpha angle, VOR- NDB- TACAN gauges, Left side field: enter all choice, like frequencies, transpondercodes or autopilot with left number field, like in real EUROFIGHETR.
Full adjust system for the autopilot, frequency selection with audiosystem

Complete effective electronic Defensive Aids Sub System ( DASS ), Complete (so far in FS possible) Air- and ground destination radar ( "Captor" Radar ), Complete (so far in FS possible) FLIR sensor system with different range ( "PIRATE" ), Complete Store-Management-System (SMS)

MFD Pages:
For the instrument-flying to stand by a HSI Page with 2 VOR and 1 ADF gauge and 2 DMS, Full GPS page, map page, departure- and arrivel page, navigations page, OMI lights, Engine- and hydraulics supervision pages, STORE & FUEL pages, checklist pages, Pages for the FLIR system, weather radar, auto scan- and elevation scan radar

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