Gloster Gladiator by IcarusGold

manufacture: Gloster
model: Gladiator
class: vintage
Project is add-on for: MSFS X
Developer: IcarusGold
Release date: June 2010
License: Payware
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With the FSAddon Gloster Gladiator X you get a package of three different versions of the RAF's last bi-plane to see active service in WW2. Included also are various liveries fo the RAF, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese and even German air force! And of course a host of animations and other goodies. 
With the Gloster Gladiator for FSX Simon Smeiman has yet again upgraded his own skills and quality. The Gloster Gladiator is a wonderful model, specifically made for FSX and using animations and other little appealing details wherever possible.
Included are no less than THREE different models, among which a very special one on skis, and 7 different liveries. Also included are a (removable) pilot figure and a ground crew that you can have do maintenance on the old fighter!
This package consists of the following aircraft configurations:
• Gloster Gladiator Mk I (Wheels and Skis)
• Gloster Gladiator Mk II (Wheels)
• Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk II (Wheels with tail hook)
The Gloster Gladiator was widely exported to a number of countries like Belgium, China, Egypt, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Iraq, and Portugal. Latvian and Lithuanian Gladiators joined the Soviet Air Force after the annexation of these countries by Soviet Union in 1940, but one year later some of them got to the Luftwaffe where they served as trainers. Some aircrafts from RAF squadrons were delivered to the Free French Air Force in 1942. After the withdrawal from the first line many Gladiators still were used as liaison aircrafts or weather reconnaissance planes until 1944. In total, together with export planes and Sea Gladiators, 746 Gladiators were built.
In spite of the obsolescence of its construction and poor performances in 1939, the Gladiator was intensively used in many major battles of the early stage of WWII. During the Battle of Norway pilots of No.263 Squadron, RAF shot down at least 26 German aircrafts. Only 2 Gladiators were lost in combats. The Gladiators were most efficiently used in North Africa and Mediterranean, where the RAF together with the RAAF fought against equally obsolete Italian Fiat Cr.32 and Cr.42 fighters. The most well-known Commonwealth ace, Flt. Lt. M. T. St. J. "Pat" Pattle won many air victories from his total score of 58, flying with the Gladiator
The last Gladiators in active service were with the Iraqi Air Force as late as 1949. A service life of 12 years - right through WWII - was pretty good for a fabric-covered biplane.
This model was developed with FSX compatible tools, tested and found to be working well with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 with DX10.

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