Grumman F7F Tigercat by Milton Shupe and others

manufacture: Grumman
model: F7F Tigercat
class: military
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004
Developer: Milton Shupe and others
Release date: January 2007
License: Freeware
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FS2004 - Grumman F7F-3 WIP RTWR Version By Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Paul Beaudoin, Richard Murray, Scott Thomas, Mike Wagner (WEP gauge), Mike Zola, and Franz Lowz and members of SOH with sounds made especially for this F7F by Gary Jones. Drop tank gauge by Robert Sanderson. Functional VC model included. Accurate flight model by Tom Falley. Functional wing fold and tailhook. Support forum and contact info in documentation. Tested in FSX as a portover. FSX specific FM.
61 MB

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