North American F-86 Sabre by Section F8

manufacture: North American
model: F-86 Sabre
class: military
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 & MSFS X
Developer: Section F8
Release date: January 2009
License: Freeware
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Photoreal textures inside and out 
• Fully animated and authentic looking pilot figure 
• Authentic start-up procedure including power-cart 
• Fully functional 2D panel and Virtual Cockpit
• Removable stick in Virtual Cockpit 
• Most switches and handles work in 2D panel and VC 
• Optional full IFR capable instrumentation 
• Full working and authentic looking radio stack in 2D panel and VC
• Extensive check list and aircraft status windows 
• Droppable fuel tanks 
• Dynamic engine damage and flame-out simulation 
• Aircraft roll rate and agility depending on speed and altitude of the aircraft 
• Automatic wing slat operation depending on speed and attitude of the aircraft 
• Working ( or not working, depending on the skill of the pilot ) hydraulics system 
• Working guns with muzzle flash and tracer bullets effects 
• Extended soundsuite including brake and tire-scrub sounds 
• Special FX suite including, heat shimmer fx, 3 stage exhaust flame fx, and typical J-47 smoke trail 
• Parked mode with wheel chocks and fluttering RBF flags, in and outlet covers, pilot flightgear on wing and more ...

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