SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 by RealAir

manufacture: SIAI-Marchetti
model: SF.260
class: general aviation
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 & MSFS X
Developer: RealAir Simulations
Release date: January 2006
License: Payware
Project home site: Real Air
Project support:
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New Features for FSX

• Whole aircraft re-designed from scratch specifically for FSX.

• Completely new VC

• New truly 3D gauges that have depth and realism, and silky smooth movement

• Two separate VC panels — A left seat panel layout and a right seat panel layout.

• Choice of 9 liveries with the ability to fly each from the rght or left seat.

• Convenient quick panel zooms so you can effortlessly zoom in on Radios, IFR instruments and controls.

• New super-smooth radio tuning innovation using simple left/right click and drag mouse operation.

• Bump mapping on wings which show fantastic detail from the VC looking out to the wing.

• Improved spin and recovery characteristics....the spin now continues with stick centred.

• Enhanced Stereo Sounds to take advantage of FSX's sound engine.

• New enhanced smoke effect, improved gauge backlight at night and improved VC interior graphics.
Features carried over from the FS2004 version

• Visible and audible pre and post stall buffeting.

• Realistic engine torque effects.

• Crystal clear VC gauges with perfectly smooth movement (no more stuttering VC gauges).

• A pilot whose head always look in the direction of flight.

• The pilot also scans the sky, keeping an eye out for traffic.

• All VC switches and levers can be clicked on and manipulated.

• New controls have been added to the VC including pitch trim, park-brake and fuel cut-off.

• A magnetic compass that moves more realistically than ever before, appearing to be suspended in liquid.

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