Convair F-102 Delta Dagger by RAZBAM

manufacture: Convair
model: F-102 Delta Dagger
class: military
Project is add-on for: MSFS X
Developer: RAZBAM
Release date: July 2009
License: Payware
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Designated Model 8-90, the first of four YF-102As (53-1787/1790) was rolled out at San Diego just 117 days after redesign had started. It was trucked out to Edwards AFB and took off on its maiden flight on December 20, 1954. On the next day, Mach 1 was easily exceeded, fully confirming the predictions of the area rule. It soon reached a top speed of Mach 1.2 in level flight. In addition, the aircraft could still keep on climbing after reaching 51,600 feet.

The first delivery to an operational Air Defense Command unit (the 327th Fighter Interceptor Squadron based at George AFB in California) took place on May 1, 1956, three years later than originally expected. The 327th FIS was activated on August 18, 1955, initially equipped with F-86Ds.

The popular name Delta Dagger for the F-102A was chosen in 1957. Between 1952 and 1957, five production contracts were awarded for a total of 875 F-102As.

By the end of 1958, 26 ADC squadrons were flying F-102As, and the F-102A had replaced the North American F-86D Sabre as the most numerous interceptor with the ADC. F-102As in service numbered 627, or about half of the total number of interceptors operated by the Air Defense Command. At the height of its service, 32 ADC units flew the F-102A. The last of 873 F-102As produced (serial number 57-909) was delivered in September of 1958.

During the early 1960s, the F-102A was gradually replaced in the ADC by the McDonnell F-101B Voodoo and the Convair F-106 Delta Dart. By mid-1961, the number of F-102As in service with the ADC was down to 221. However, by the end of 1969, with the exception of a squadron maintained in Iceland, all ADC F-102As had been transferred to the Air National Guard. The F-102As stationed in the Pacific had been withdrawn in December of 1969.

The only F-102As still in service with the USAF at the beginning of 1970 were all stationed overseas. At that time, the USAF still retained a few F-102A squadrons in Germany and the Netherlands. In the early 1970s, European-based F-102As were replaced by F-4 Phantoms. By the end of June 1973, the number of active F-102As had been reduced to ten.

The last ADC unit to operate the F-102A, the 57th FIS based at Keflavik in Iceland finally traded in its F-102As for McDonnell F-4C Phantoms in mid-1973.

2 Different models: 
  • External tanks+ 6 AIM-4 Falcon missiles
  • Clean configuration + 6 AIM-4 Falcon missiles
2 Different models with our "weapon code" (fire missiles, change the aircraft visually and also affects the flight model) 
External tanks+ 6 AIM-4 Falcon missiles
Clean configuration + 6 AIM-4 Falcon missiles
  • 8 saved flights with aircraft "loaded" for action.These flights are saved in a RAZBAM folder, please paste them at your saved flights folder (Flight Simulator X files)
  • Extremely detailed virtual cockpit, includes all switches clickable, for a very busy flight
  • Paint Kit
  • Flight manual .pdf
Schemes included: 
  1. US Air Force 327th FIS, George AFB, 1958
  2. US Air Force 16th FIS, Naha AB, 1959
  3. US Air Force 32nd FIS, Soesterberg AB,The Netherlands,1961
  4. US Air Force 57th FIS, Keflavik, Iceland, 1963
  5. US Air Force 509th FIS, Udorn RTAFB,Thailand, 1968
  6. US Air Force/ANG, 61188, 11FIS 147 FIG, Kely AFB, TX, 1972
  7. US Air Force 146th TFS, 112th TFG, PA ANG, 1975
  8. US Air Force 196th TFS, 163rd FIG, CA ANG, 1977
  9. Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force),182 Filo, 1970
  10. Polemikí Aeroporía(Hellenic Air Force),114 Pterix, Tanagra AB,1972

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