Aviat Pitts Special by SibWings

manufacture: Aviat
model: Pitts Special
class: aerobatic
Project is add-on for: MSFS X only
Developer: Sibwings laboratory
Release date: December 2011
License: Payware
Project home site: http://www.sibwings.com/pitts.php
Project support: http://forum.sibwings.com/viewforum.php?f=26
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This package offers four versions of the Pitts Special. We want you to enjoy the exquisite rendition of the external models, the super-detailed 3D-panels, the fully-animated dynamic VC, the authentic sounds, and so much more! 

Pitts Special S1/S2 features:
Four different Pitts models (S-1, S-1S, S-2A, S-2B) fully created for FSX
Nine liveries in base pack. Accurate paint kit and additional liveries available here
Highly detailed and fully animated exterior and interior models including such FSX features as bump, custom reflection and specular mapping, dynamic self shadows, advanced animation. Textures done in HD
Ultra smooth gauges based on 3D parts animation
Engine sounds recorded from the real Textron Lycoming AEIO-540 engine
Fully functional VC and animated moving parts with custom sounds

System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2/Acceleration
2GHz CPU / 2GB RAM / 512 MB Graphics
Available hard drive space: 350 MB
Desired: Joystick, TrackIR
Internet connection (required for product activation)

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