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De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver by Aerosoft

manufacture: De Havilland Canada
model: DHC-2 Beaver
class: general aviation
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 & MSFS X
Developer: Aerosoft GmbH
Release date: January 2006
License: Payware
Project home site: Aerosoft
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DHC-2 Beaver X (FSX+FS2004)

Our bestselling aircraft now fully FSX compatible ! This aicraft gets you everywhere, snow, water, soft runways or tarmac, there is a Beaver in this package for every terrain.
Some things age gracefully, some things go beyond that and seem to resist aging altogether. They are truly timeless. In aviation there are few examples, because aircraft are designed for a definite lifespan and to be replaced by something better. Perhaps the Piper Cub is one of the few examples, so long after being build, it's still in serious use and not only for sentimental reasons, they are still very much up to the job. But the DHC-2 beaver certainly is one. In 1955 a new Beaver sold for $30.000 and at this moment a well maintained Beaver with only a few million miles on the clock is worth around $300.000 and there are many operators who will tell you they fly the DHC-2 for the simple reason it is the best aircraft for the job and that they do not care that is older than they are.

There is, as far as we know, only one aircraft that is heralded as being one of the most important achievements of a country. But the DHC2 Beaver has that official award presented by the Canadian government. And for good reasons, Canada would simply look different then it does now if the Beaver would not have provided solid and reliable transport to the regions of the country that cannot be reached by road. The rest of the world was quick to see the great aircraft made by de Havilland. And apart from air to air combat there is no task this aircraft has not done. Dropping parachutists, spraying crops, fighting fires, you name it and there is a Beaver that done it. On snow, ice, tundra, gravel, grass, water, sand, it's happy everywhere. It has flown on every continent and probably is the only aircraft to have landed at both poles. This aircraft will get you to every place on the globe. The Aerosoft DHC2 Beaver comes with an unprecedented number of models so every version is as detailed as possible. As far as we know this is the first time so many MDL files are used for any FSX download...


Fully FSX compatible, with all features new to FSX
Special Mission: "Needle in a haystack"
Separate internal and external MDL's (40 in total!)
Reduced polygon count because of careful use of bumpmaps textures, even though far more details are shown (= better frame rates)
Fully supports extensive damage/failure model of FSX (check out the engine fire)
FSX specific effects for snow, crop dusting, fire fighting
All textures in DDS format
Includes specular, bumpmap, fresnels effects
Additional VC views defined
Extensive use of texture fall back folders
Solid and dependable flight model
Leather seats and electrical flap system (luxury!) on most models
Five models (ski/wheel, floats, amphibian, wheels, tundra wheels)
Seven different pilots, six different interiors
Forty-five textures (plus paint kit)
Extended manual, thirty-four pages, many illustrations
High definition and fast Virtual Cockpit (defined as main view, no 2d panels provided)
Signed gauges (so perfectly safe)
San Francisco sea plane base
Light on frame rates
The FS2004 version was our best selling aircraft online and got near perfect reviews
A perfect introduction to FSX because this aircraft is relatively simple in setup and configuration. Following the simple guide in the manual you will even learn how the texture fall back system works (and end up with your own personalized beaver).
Gets you everywhere, snow, water, soft runways or tarmac, there is a Beaver in this package for every terrain.

42 different liveries
Five models (ski/wheel, floats, amphibian, wheels, tundra wheels)
20 MDL files (aircraft models)
10 different pilots
7 Panels: original and modern version
6 different and highly realistic flight characteristics, one for each model
Detailed virtual cockpit, fully functionable, from start up to landing
Full sounds
All checklists in audio format
Light on frame rates
Made internally by a crack team of designers, this DHC2 Beaver has been designed for a wide range of users. Easy enough for pilots with not too many hours and for the seasoned pilots it has enough features to keep them busy for a long time. It's a high end product that will not demand hours of study. The Beaver was designed to be easy to fly and our model takes this along to FS. We made it to be fun to fly and there is even a touch of drama to be seen in the graphics and sounds.

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