Hawker Sea Fury by SimFlight 3D

manufacture: Hawker
model: Sea Fury
class: vintage
Project is add-on for: MSFS X only
Developer: SimFlight 3D
Release date: May 2009
License: Payware
Project home site: http://www.simflight3d.com/Sea_Fury_FSX.html
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The Spirit of Texas, Sea Fury (NX24SF) was built for racing by Ezell Aviation, but owned and flown by Stewart Dawson who performs aerobatics routines and races at the Reno National Championship Air Races.  It has a Wright 3350-26WD 18-cylinder radial engine (replacing the Bristol Centarus 2,500 hp and five-blade propeller) with 3,100 hp and four-blade propeller at maximum speeds of 450 KTS.  Modifications include a larger spinner, induction scoop and extended rudder.

True FSX aircraft
Working, highly detailed virtual cockpit, GPS and localizer with glideslope
Full 3D panel—IFR ready (day and night) 
Canopy crank works in virtual cockpit.
High resolution, photo-realistic textures (interior/exterior)
Optimized for smooth frame rate
Realistic shadows and lighting, reflection mapping
Includes checklist and performance information
Available in 2 paint schemes (racing and military)
Click chart for map screen/mike button for ATC window
Working tail wheel lock 
Fully operational rudder and elevator trim wheels

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