AeroSpool WT-9 Dynamic by Lionheart

manufacture: AeroSpool
model: WT-9 Dynamic
class: general aviation
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 & MSFS X
Developer: Lionheart Creations
Release date: April 2011
License: Payware
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*  Multiple pilots; Male, Female.  The FS2004 model also has 'couple' loadout.
*  Complete high detail Virtual Cockpit with many popup panels and instruments
*  Metric Aux. Instruments (3) for European pilots; actual Winter German gauges
*  High detail Dynon D-100 PFD electronic screen flight system with sub menu's
and various selections and settings created exactly like the real Dynon D-100.
Also comes with the HS34 companion 'control' unit for D-100 HDG, CRS, and ALT
*  FlyBox Prop Pitch Management Computer (easy to use and explained how it is worked in the manual).
*  Comes with both versions of Retractable and Fixed Landing Gear; RG & FG.
*  AVMap GPS Screen with HSI readout and various GPS Functions.  This is not
a fully functioning GPS.  The stock FS GPS 500 unit comes with the popup list for programming Direct To flights, etc.
*  FS2004 model is the newest in FS9 technology; Unlimited Export.  Where older FS9 models were restricted to Vertices being 
4MM apart and no less, and a maximum of 65,000 Polygons for the entire model, this now features extremely precise small parts 
and sports 564,000 Polygons!
*  High detail Rotax 112UL Engine with remove-cowling command
*  Detachable wings
*  Selectable Wings; with or without wingtips
*  Selectable fuselages; with or without rear windows
*  Prop Mittens for keeping the prop safe after shutdown for storage
*  Park Mode with wheel chauks.  Luggage is also deployable
*  Opening window vents with sound effects of wind
*  LHC added Auto Pilot for those that love sight seeing
*  Several paint schemes with several featuring metallic paint
*  Wild STOL like flight capabilities that enable short field take-offs and fast, agile landings.
*  Cruise airspeeds for the RG is 136 Knots; for the FG is 120 Knots (5200 RPM)

The Dynamic comes with a huge amount of special features.  
*  Viewable high detail Rotax 112 UL engine complete with Ducati high performance ignition module and 2 stroke oil resevoir
*  Selectable Wing Types (with or without Winglets) from 'in' the actual aircraft (flip a switch, the wings change).
*  Selectable Fuselage Types (with or without rear windows) from 'in' the actual aircraft (flip a switch, the wings change).
*  Selectable Pilot Loadouts (in FS2004 only) with male, female, or couple pilots, or non-laden, from 'within' the aircraft...
*  Detachable wings to see what the plane looks like when its about to be transported or stored for the winter.
*  Cool small vent windows that have loud air noise when you slide them open.  
*  Sound effects through out for all switches and levers.

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