Cessna 208 Caravan by FeelThere

manufacture: Cessna
model: 208 Caravan
class: general aviation
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 only
Developer: FeelThere
Release date: January 2005
License: Payware
Project home site: http://www.feelthere.com/2005/downloads.html
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feelThere Caravan! - award winner 
Highly detailed C208B Caravan! and Caravan! Cargomaster exterior and interior model with virtual cabin 
Framerate friendly dynamic virtual cockpit with rain effect 
Realistic 2D panel 
Realistic flight model tested by real pilots 
Custom digital soundset 
Lots of free repaints 

With the design of the feelThere Caravan! we had a goal to bring an airplane to our customers without requiring them to study long and difficult manuals. Systems are modeled to allow less professional simmers to enjoy the plane as well. 

feelThere Caravan! product details 
GMax Caravan! model 
Both the passanger and the cargo variant of the Caravan! are modeled for the best performance in very high quality using high resolution textures. 
Dynamic virtual cockpit with rain effect and virtual cabin Framerate friendly VC and virtual cabin. 
Flight dynamics 
Developed by Ron Freimuth based on real Caravan pilot's feedback 
Teaming up with Leon Medado we created a custom soundset recorded from the real plane bringing a very realistic sound experience to our customers

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