Piper PA-31T Cheyenne by Digital Aviation

manufacture: Piper
model: PA-31T Cheyenne
class: general aviation
Project is add-on for: MSFS 2004 & MSFS X
Developer: Digital Aviation
Release date: February 2009
License: Payware
Project home site: http://www.digital-aviation.de/site/?page_id=5
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Piper PA31T Cheyenne

For many years the Cheyenne series of business aircraft was one of the most successful Piper products. The origin of the Cheyenne lie in the mid 1960s when Piper decided to redesign their pressurized twin engined „Navajo” to use turbines instead of piston engines.

On August 29th 1969 the first prototype took off for its maiden flight, but it took almost another five years until the first production aircraft went into service. The control surfaces and flight controls had to be redesigned several times to reduce strain on the cell caused by the higher speeds the Cheyenne was able to fly.

Furthermore, a flooding of Piper’s production facility in Lock Haven delayed deliveries.On October 22nd 1973, the maiden flight of the first production aircraft Piper Cheyenne PA31T took place – powered by two Pratt&Whitney PT6A-28s engines developing 620hp each. When Piper expanded the family in 1978 with a decreased variant (PT6A-11, 500hp), they renamed the initial aircraft in „Cheyenne II” and the new variant became “Cheyenne I”. Improvements like more power, redesigned cowlings and a new interior lead to the „Cheyenne IA”. In addition to that, Piper stretched the Cheyenne II and built in a fourth cabin window. Equipped with PT6A-135s (750hp) engines and an increased MTOW by 180kg/400lb – this variant became the „Cheyenne IIXL”. In total, 823 Cheyennes had been built, 526 Cheyenne and Cheyenne II, 215 Cheyenne I and IA, and 82 IIXL, when the production was discontinued in the mid eighties. Even twenty years later, the PA31T models have an excellent reputation for being spacious, uncomplicated and reliable aircraft and therefore enjoy great popularity.


·         Highly detailed 2D cockpit and exterior model for 4 different aircraft variants:
Cheyenne I
Cheyenne IA
Cheyenne II
Cheyenne IIXL

·         Fully functional virtual cockpit with very smooth gauges and controls.

·         Each cockpit variation represents the actual aircraft variant.

·         Flight dynamics have been developed with a real Cheyenne pilot.

·         2 different sound sets (with/without active noise reduction).

·         Extensive Documentation.

Exterior model

The exterior has been modeled in every detail with a lot of fine textures. Aircrafts variants differ in size, engines, door arrangement.

Cheyenne I in three liveries (2x Germany, USA)
Cheyenne IA in three liveries (Germany, France, Austria)
Cheyenne II in three liveries (France, USA, Netherlands)
Cheyenne IIXL in three liveries (Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland)

Full set of animations (control surfaces, trim tabs, doors, baggage compartments, gear, ice protection)

When parked you may display some exterior equipment.

Feature list:

1.    All standard animations like control surfaces, elevator trim, wheels etc.

2.    All doors can be handled separately 

3.    Exterior ground equipment, like power unit.

Cockpit and avionics

Realistic 2D cockpit for all four variants, including different views: Default, VFR, IFR, approach/landing. The panel and cabin include a customized night lighting.

The cockpits have been designed after each individual aircraft variant. They vary in the avionics included and their arrangement. 

Each plane variant has a fully functional virtual cockpit. Included is also a virtual cabin with executive interior.

Feature list:

1.    Different panel layouts for each variant.

2.    Complete system simulation individually adapted.

3.    Bendix King Silver Crown Plus Avionics Suite:
KMA 28 Audio Panel
KY196B COMM Radio (2x)
KN53 NAV Radio (2x)
KR87 ADF Receiver (2x) and KT76C Transponder (2x)

4.    Trimble 2000 Approach Plus GPS with SID, STAR and Approach capability and updatable navigation database.

5.    Bendix King KFC250 Autopilot (Cheyenne I and IA).
Bendix King KFC300 Autopilot (Cheyenne II and IIXL).

6.    Dukes Pressurization Controller (Cheyenne I and IA).
Garrett Pressurization Controller (Cheyenne II and IIXL).

7.    External Power Unit.

8.    Ground Clearance Function.

9.    In-Game configuration utility and load editor.

10. Full GoFlight Hardware support.

Systems simulation

1.         Real engine start up procedure, with starter, generators and fuel levers.

2.         Electrical system with different bus for avionics.

3.         All internal and external lighting options.

4.         Cabin pressurization system.

Aerodynamics and performance

The realistic flight dynamics were developed in co-operation with Do-27 pilots. Fortunately we had all support from different pilots and we could fly many hours with them. Accurate airspeeds climb rates, fuel consumption and handling result in an authentic experience flying the virtual counterpart of a plane, which simply has stunning performance and exceptional flying capabilities.

Once you are in the air, the aircraft is relatively easy to fly. But as a heavy tail dragger the ground steering is something you need practice and the specific low speed take off and landings are challenging.

Development Team

Tobias Ahlbrecht:
Aircraft model and textures, 2D/virtual cockpit, virtual cabin

Hans Hartmann:
Panels, gauges and systems programming, XML animations

Alexander M. Metzger:

Achim Bürger:

Martin Georg:
Operations manual, checklists

Christoph Winkler:
Technical advisor

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