Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander by Virtavia

manufacture: Britten-Norman
model: BN-2 Islander
class: general aviation
Project is add-on for: MSFS X only
Developer: Virtavia Pty Ltd
Release date: April 2010
License: Payware
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BN-2 Islander A Virtavia / Flight1 Collaboration. 

First flown in the 1960s, this rugged and versatile twin-engined aircraft has been in continuous service ever since as airliner, cargo transport and light utility with police and armed forces around the world.
Developed over two years with the help of real-world Islander pilots and operators, this exciting simulated version is a full-featured FSX release, including technologies such as cockpit self-shadowing, HDR bloom effects, and bump mapping and DX10 compatible external and internal visuals.

Whether you want to operate simulated inter-island transport, feeder airliner flights or just simply have fun in this all-purpose aircraft, the Islander is certain to put a smile on your face.

  • Over 400 interior and exterior custom animations.
  • DX10-compatible model with interior self-shadowing. 
  • Beautiful night lighting textures and effects inside and out with individual gauge and panel lighting. 
  • High Fidelity sound set from Turbine Sound Studios.
  • Flight dynamics tuned and refined with the help of real-world Islander pilots.
  • Fully-functional Virtual Cockpit with virtually every system and gauge functioning.
  • 3D RealGauge Technology for super smooth fluid fully-3D gauges.
  • Click spots on the throttle quadrant toggle allow selection of "Tied" / "Separated" engine controls.
  • Yokes can be toggled from view as desired to access instruments and switches.
  • Panel shake effect on engine start and take off roll.
  • Bendix King KLN 90A GPS unit created by SimAvionics. 
  • Century 21 Auto Pilot.
  • Bendix King KN54 DME.
  • Bendix King KR87A ADF.
  • Bendix King KT67A Transponder.
  • Bendix King KX155 Com/Nav.

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