What this site is for ?

This site-catalog is a user-filled data base of aircraft add-ons for Flight Simulators.

How to use it ?

It's easy, for example you are looking for Boeing 747 for MS FSX, you can just enter 747 on http://fsaircraft.net and open page with Boeing 747 photo and add-ons list, if any in the catalog.

Second way is to go to http://fsaircraft.net/boeing , see full boeing model list there, find 747 and open correspond page.

Who can add information into the catalog ?

Every registered user. Registration is simple and free.

Who can change or delete  information from the catalog ?

Administration only.

What do I need to know about add-on project to add it into the catalog ?

Please, make sure the project you want to add is still not in the catalog, all doubles will be removed guided by submit date. 

Project must be add-on for MS FS9, FSX or X-plane. Any other simulation platforms are ignored now.

Required information is:

  1. One screen shot.
  2. Developer name.
  3. Release date (year and mount).
  4. At least one publisher (On-line store for payware and on-line file library for freeware)

Project description is welcome but optional. Only English language is allowed.

What information can I add to existed project profile ?

  1. Screen shots.
  2. Youtube video links.
  3. Reviews links.
  4. Related files links (additional liveries, sound packs, manuals etc).

What if I see no manufacturer or model in the database for the project I want to add?

First, you need to make 100% sure it's so. Simple example F/A-18 Hornet could be found as McDonnell Douglas aircraft as well as Boeing. It's recommended to search with number index or nickname (not much aircraft names contain "18" and only couple known "Hornet"s) 

Anyway, there are thousand of aircraft ever produced. Many of them are missing in the catalog this moment. To add one (or not one) you just need to fill simple form, and as soon as administrator check it, aircraft will be added. Link to form could be found at the bottom of fsaircraft.net/catalog as well as on every "manufacture" page.

What if information in project profile is incorrect ?

On every project page you can find the button looks like this: If you exactly know that information is incorrect (wrong release date, wrong links, pictures etc) please press the button and let administration know about issues. After that button will looks like this  We do not recommend to add information to project profiles marked with such icon. 

What if archive downloaded with catalog link contains virus? 

Most information into the catalog provided by users. We are hardly can control every link and every archive. So you are using it on your own risk! Please use last versions of antivirus software. And let administration know about bad links.

What about piracy protection ? 

Any bit-torrent links or direct links to file archives are strictly prohibited for paid software (exception only for free repaints). Users who posts such links will be permanently banned.  

Known catalog "bugs" ?

Main seach field is not working on http://www.fsaircraft.net only at http://fsaircraft.net without www.

How to connect you ?


We are open for any question and partnership.